Why Sandakphu Trek is The Best Trek in West Bengal?

Why Sandakphu Trek is The Best Trek in West Bengal?

Sandakphu is a place that needs no introduction for travelers who like going for adventure activities amidst the richness of nature. There are many mind-boggling facts associated with the Sandakphu trek that can make any passionate traveler visit the place at least once. Because of these reasons Sandakphu trek package is one of the most highly rated trek packages in West Bengal.

     This article provides all the essential insights that make Sandakphu one of the famous treks in West Bengal along with a short description of where you can get the best Sandakphu trek package at the desired price.

Table of Content:

1. The factors that make Sandakphu trek valuable

2. Be an Explorer

3. Conclusion

The factors that make the Sandakphu trek valuable

Certain factors make the Sandakphu trek much more valuable than other tourist destinations in West Bengal. These factors include-

1. The perfect view of some of the best mountain peaks in the world

Sandakphu is a very difficult trek to complete and things get much tougher when you try to scale towards the finishing line. But all efforts will be rewarded when you will witness the greatness of some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. These mountain peaks are Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and Lhotse.

You will also witness some of the other important peaks from Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and Sikkim in a single go. Most of the time the view is observed at the dawn, just when the sun just starts rising behind the peak. The glimpses of such a sight made all the difficulty and tiredness disappear and fill your heart with a joyful impact.

2. Perfect exhibition of flora and fauna

The trek showcases some of the best natural vegetation in the area. Although things are controlled by seasons at the peak time, the place is full of rhododendrons, giant magnolias, and multiple varieties of orchids. This place is very famous for exhibiting a wide range of orchids in a single area.

      The trek also comprises the sightseeing of Singalila National Park. This national park is a home for many wild animals and specifically renowned for its red pandas and pangolins. You may also find a wide variety of bird species.

3. Experienced personnel

The personnel who will guide you throughout this trip are highly trained and experienced. It is very difficult to find local people with deep knowledge about their place.

           These are the things that make Sandakphu trek the best trek in West Bengal.

Be an Explorer

We are the best tour operators in the region that provides Sandakphu trek package at many desirable prices. We are a team of experienced personnel who knows how to handle any complex situation with ease and conviction.


Sandakphu trek is a wonderful place to spend some time amidst the brilliance of nature but this can only be experienced by choosing a good tour operator.

Prepaid Car Rental Service – Benefits Of Advance Booking

Prepaid Car Rental Service – Benefits Of Advance Booking

As the times evolved, cars have become more than just a means of transport. People now-a-days opt for comfort and luxury when it comes to travelling. This is the main reason car rentals have become an essential part of our travel. Siliguri has quickly caught up and car rentals in Siliguri have become extremely popular.

Table of content:

  1. What is a Car rental service?
  2. Benefits of advanced booking   
  3. Conclusion

What is a Car rental service?

Car rental services all over the globe are services that allow you to rent a car for a short amount of time, the time span could range anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. These services equip you with a temporary means of transport. This is extremely helpful for out of town travellers or even local people who do not have a car. They primarily operate with the help of a website where you can book the dates and the vehicle of your choice and pay online without any hassle. Most car rentals in Siliguri offer a range of vehicles for you to pick the one that best suits your needs. These cars are equipped with all the latest facilities from GPS to sound systems and more.

Benefits of advanced booking

Find a proper means of transport is always a hassle when you visit a new place. Booking a car in advance sorts this out for you. If you are a person who likes to plan their travel to the minutest details, an advanced booking with a car rental service is the way to go. This allows you to plan all of your trips in advance and ensures you that you have a wonderful journey. It also lets you have complete control of your travel itinerary.

Car rentals also offer a certain amount of discount for early bookings. With an advanced booking you eliminate that alarming panic you have searching for a means of transport or the need to reserve a vehicle as soon as your flight lands and your trip begins. The car will be waiting for you at the location that you have provided, equipped with a full tank of fuel.

Be an Explorer is your travel buddy if you want to explore Siliguri and all its neighbouring areas. They have several travel packages that is bound to invoke the traveller in you.

Apart from those packages, they are also the most trusted car rental in Siliguri. They have a wide array of available cars from mini cars to SUVs. With the current state in mind they provide thoroughly sanitized cars and follow all the provided safely measures to ensure your safety and make sure you have a wonderful trip.


In these current times, renting out a car is much safer than sharing a car with strangers. Car rentals in Siliguri provide cars that are fully sanitized after each use.  

Breathtaking View Of Sunrise At Tiger Hill

Breathtaking View Of Sunrise At Tiger Hill

There are few occasions that will come to your life as a pure blessing and leave you with utter amazement. The journey towards Tiger Hill also resembles the same feeling of absolute bliss and leaves the spectators with its breathtaking sights. The view of sunrise from the Tiger Hill has been an absolute must in every Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour plan and each year there is a huge demand to witness this spectacular sight. The operators also bring out various schemes to lure in more clients so that both of them get benefited from the trip.

       This article celebrates the beauty of the sunrise from the hill spot with valuable information regarding how you can reach this place along with a short description of where you can get the most affordable Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour plan.

Table of Content:

1. What is Tiger Hill?

2. The journey towards Tiger Hill

3. Things you need to consider during the trip

4. Be an Explorer

5. Conclusion

What is Tiger Hill?

Tiger Hill is situated in Darjeeling, West Bengal, and is known for its wonderful sights of both Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. The region is also famous for its sunrise and attracts many tourists all around the world.

The journey towards Tiger Hill

The journey basically starts from the Hill Cart Road of Darjeeling Town and carve our way towards Ghum. After reaching Ghum, we start to move towards the Senchal Road that paves the way towards the uphills of Tiger Hill.

  The journey should be started at 3:30 A.M sharp to witness the view at around 4:15 A.M during the summer days and you can start a bit late in the winter days as the sun takes a bit of time to rise up.

Things you need to consider during the trip

There are issues that needed to be addressed during the trip. Some of these are-

1. Never go with a high expectation

This is the first thing that needs to be considered for this trip. Darjeeling is a place that operates in different weather and altitudes. The main difficulty arises in the prediction of the correct weather. There are chances of the sudden appearance of mist and clouds that can sabotage the trip. But things may also change when you reach the pinnacle.

       So it is wise to take this journey as an experience along with less expectation to capture the perfect view of the sunrise.

2. The Seasons

During the peak seasons, it is likely to gather more tourists than usual. Since there will be more people than usual. You might be trapped in a jam in the foothills and would be traveling the rest of the distance with footsteps. So you need to start the journey early to watch the sunrise from the desired place.

Be an Explorer

Our company arranges the best Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour plan with proper facilities and affordable cost.


Sunrise at Tiger Hill is truly a wonderful experience and can only be experienced with the best tour operator.

An Experience Surrounded By Majestic Snow Peaks

An Experience Surrounded By Majestic Snow Peaks

Mountains are the dream destination for the people who love to trek and all sorts of adventurous activities. Apart from the activities, they are also intrigued by the humble treatment of the local people. The food, surroundings, people make the trip even more memorable and etches your heart to visit the place many more times. If you are considering such an experience again then there is a perfect Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan that will help you to relish those memories and if you have never had a trip before then this may become a great opportunity for them to admire the beauty of the mountains from such a close distance.

        The Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan consists of a combination of sightseeing and activities added along with great cuisine and hospitality.

Table of Content:

1. Major attraction in this tour plan

2. Be an Explorer

3. Conclusion

The major attraction in this tour plan

There are many things included in this tour place that will be discussed below.



Toy Train

The most iconic commute in the place is Toy Train that has been featured in many travel blogs, films, shows, and even more. This is a sure shot try if you want to capture the all-around beauty of the place.

Thrill at the Ropeways

Apart from the railways, there is another way that you capture the beauty of the place through ropeways.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

The place is a major tourist attraction for the display of many exotic animals such as the Red Panda, Snow Leopards to name a few.



As you are surely aware of the various mountain peaks present in the place that makes it an awesome destination for trekking. You can trek in the iconic Tiger Hill or the Sandakphu Peak to get an excellent view of these places.


Cactus Nursery

It is a major tourist attraction in Kalimpong and nurses a wide variety of flowers and cactuses. The cultivation is done to promote the economy of the region and most of them sold to another region of the nation.

Morgan House

The place celebrates the colonial architecture and has been transformed into a lodge by the government. This place is also known for its haunted stories that attract the attention of many tourists.

Other attractions

Similarly, like Darjeeling, this place also offers visits to mountains such as the Durpin Dara Hill and Deolo Hill to name a few. Similarly, these places also give you the opportunity to capture a holistic view of the place.

Be an Explorer

The travel agency provides you with the best experience of a systematic Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan to cover all the points that are mentioned above along with mastered hospitality and culinary service.


The trip can be a lifetime experience so it is important to choose an experienced travel partner.

Explore The Divine Beauty Of Darjeeling And Kalimpong

Explore The Divine Beauty Of Darjeeling And Kalimpong

A backpacker’s delight and a traveller’s dream, Darjeeling is an unembellished canvas of natural beauty. Alluring visitors with its sprawling expanse of green set against the white of majestic snow-capped peaks, Darjeeling’s panoramas are captivating in every way. Kalimpong in Darjeeling district features a unique advantage of being centrally located. the superb view from all around, the breath-taking sight of Mt Kanchenjunga, the encompassing forest with rich flora and fauna and therefore the people of this town provide for a spectacular visit for travellers. Take the Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan by the best tour operators to witness the best of views.

Table of contents:

Things to do in Darjeeling

Things to do in Kalimpong


Things to do in Darjeeling

The Toy Train

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway carries its appellation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And you only cannot miss a fun ride on the famous Toy Train. The journey on the Toy Train is so unique an experience that you simply can always remember. During the ride, you’ll get a view of the mountains and you would possibly also end up getting lost within the cerulean great thing about the sky.

Whitewater Rafting in Teesta

 If you’re an adrenaline junkie, rafting is that the perfect activity for you among the opposite engaging fun activities in Darjeeling. A wide-ranging adventure of rafting within the Teesta River loaded with countless rapids –an electrifying experience that you simply would regret to miss.

Thrill Ride on the Ropeway

Buckle up with the ropeway is on its thanks to taking you out for a ride at an astounding elevation of 7001 ft, complemented with a desirable view of the valleys and hills around Darjeeling and eventually descending to 801 ft.

Things to do in Kalimpong

Visit the gorgeous Deolo Hill

Deolo Hills, the very best point in Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan, offers you an opportunity to witness the majestic views of the valley from a staggering 1700 meters. You’ll even identify the small villages and lovely cities located near the town from here, and if you’re chasing some thrilling adventures – confirm you are trying paragliding, trekking, and horse riding.

Witness the foremost unique flowers in Cactus Nursery

One of the most important commercial flower nurseries in Kalimpong, the Cactus Nursery features a huge collection of exotic flowers and lovely plants which will take your breath away. It’s an exquisite place for teenagers to find out about nature and conservation because the nursery houses a number of the rarest orchid plants and cactuses within the country.

Soak within the breathtaking great thing about Durpin Dara Hill

Duprin Dara Hill, located within the South of the town, is that the second-highest range within the region. From here, you’ll witness the untouched great thing about the Kanchenjunga range, further adorned by the rivers Teesta and Rangeet.

Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan includes many more attractions which can only be experienced once you take the tour. Are you making a travel plan? Take the route towards Northeastern Bengal hills.

Note: This is a travel blog indicating the perfect tour to Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Plan with the best tour operators with all inclusions to experience a great trip to the one of the best hill stations.

Affordable Medium in A Comfortable Way

Affordable Medium in A Comfortable Way

Car hires are perfect once you want to travel at your own pace, as you’re not really abiding by any hurried schedule. you furthermore may have more comfort and far less squeezing in with strangers. If you’ve got plans to explore an attraction during the day and need the convenience of knowing the way to revisit, Car rental in Siliguri, waits for you, and take you back, totally eliminating the guesswork involved in getting a return ride.

Table of contents:

How to choose the best mode of conveyance while travelling


How to choose the best mode of conveyance while travelling

To make sure that travellers will feel comfortable and safe while travelling with the utilization of rented cars, always check the sort of auto needed to be supported the sort of place where the car are going to be journeying to.

  • Always confirm that the hired car has enough space for the number of travellers who are getting to travel within the vehicle. don’t select a car that’s limited in space and sits because it could make the travel vulnerable and unsafe. Hence, travellers are liberal to choose what vehicle is suited to their preference, number of travellers and place they’re getting to travel.
  • Everyone has different needs when it involves hire car. Car rental in Siliguri are often contacted through or via the web, e-mail or call. Finding the simplest hire car companies help the traveller know the exclusive services offered by hire car agencies. Explore the web and enter the target destination and preferred car for travel. The client could get the best deals or maybe the most cost-effective hire car rates.
  • The best thanks to enjoy the out of the town is being sure that everything is in check and safe. The traveller should have safety-first guidelines before renting a car. Choose a rental car that has spare tires, full tank, well-built and high during a quality sort of car. don’t forget the space for luggage and rental automobile insurance.

Make the trip safer, easier, and smooth by trying to find the simplest rent vehicle. When travelling, there are options to settle on from when it involves hire car. Car rental in Siliguri offers high within the breed, high in quality, cheap and user value. Sometimes, rental cars are generally expensive but there are rental car companies that give the simplest picks of cars for travel. trying to find inexpensive rental cars isn’t really hard.

Note: This blog points out the steps to ease your selection process of car rentals that is a very essential part of travel planning.

Why You Should Choose North Bengal As Your Next Destination

Why You Should Choose North Bengal As Your Next Destination

The North Bengal region is a gem that is still unexplored. If you are planning to visit any part of our country post this pandemic then you can choose north bengal and we guarantee you won’t get disappointed. Be An Explorer is one of the best tour agency in Siliguri and we can really help you in planning your next trip. Today we will discuss why you can choose north bengal as your next destination. So let’s start.

Where is North Bengal?

North Bengal exists in both Bangladesh & India. The north-western part of Bangladesh and the northern part of West Bengal is known as North Bengal. Today we will be discussing only the Indian North Bengal. The area of North Bengal starts from Malda and expends till Alipurduar. The region is strategically important as well as it shares a border with Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, Assam, Bihar & Bangladesh.

How To Reach North Bengal?

North Bengal is easily accessible by rail, air and road from rest of India and the neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal & Bangladesh. If you are planning to visit the hilly areas of North Bengal then you have to come till Siliguri. One can reach Siliguri by taking a train till NJP/Siliguri Junction, a flight till Bagdogra airport or by road. If you are coming from Kolkata you can take an overnight train or bus. There are regular flights as well for major Indian cities, Bhutan & seasonal flights for Thailand from Bagdogra airport.

What You Can Expect From North Bengal?

North Bengal is vast and very diverse. Here you can experience hills, dense forests, tea gardens, etc all at the same time. A lot of places here are yet not so much explored by travelers. You can visit Kurseong, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Mirik etc for experiencing the Himalayas and getting a glimpse of it. On the other hand, you can visit Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jaladapara National Park etc and experience the wilderness. You can trek till Sandakphu (which is the highest place of West Bengal) else you can trek till Lepchaka which will take you inside Buxa Tiger Reserve away from the hustle of cities and from the internet as well.

Why Do Travelers Choose Us?

Many tourists who come to the Siliguri choose "Be An Explorer" as their tour partner and they return with pure satisfaction. There are many factors which satisfy them enough for choosing us again and again. We provide excellent facilities, support and information to them. Many of them choose us as we give them a chance to explore the offbeat places which are not so commercialized yet. If you are looking for the best tour agency in Siliguri then we are your one-stop solution. From accommodation to guide and transport we provide everything which is needed to make your trip a memorable one. You can also rent a cycle in Siliguri from us and explore the nearby untouched places.

Final Words

As we all know the world is going through a very hard time due to the covid-19 outbreak. But we are optimistic that it will be over soon and we all will start exploring the world again.We suggest you to give North Bengal a try for your next trip.Please contact us if you have any queries. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for some amazing photos of North Bengal.