Crave For Some High-End Adventure!

Crave For Some High-End Adventure!

The northern part of West Bengal is covered by the lofty Himalayas that provide an amazing mountaineering and adventure sports opportunity to tourists. The treks vary according to the level of difficulty and time. Sandakphu trek is one of the favorites for trekkers and people who want to experience the high of trekking.

Table of content:

1. About Sandakhphu trek

2. What to expect on the trek

About Sandakphu trek

The Sandakphu trek starts from New Jalpaiguri where the tour or trek guide will pick everyone up for the journey. It is considered to be an easy trek with some gorgeous views on the way to the peak. This trek is also known as the Singalia La Trek as it goes up till the Singalia ridge which forms the international border between India and Nepal. During the trek, you will get a glimpse of mountains covered in snow, forests of pine, oaks, deodars, and spruce along with some picturesque villages with small settlements.

Days on the trek

Day 1: you can arrive in Darjeeling a day before the trek and get some rest

Day 2: the walk starts from Manibhanjan which is the starting point and goes till Tonglu. From here, the rhododendron-covered part leads to Jaubari adjacent to the Nepal border.

Day 3: from Jaubari to Gairbas before reaching a small settlement called Kalpokhri. From here it takes 2 hrs to reach the trekker’s hut at Sandakphu

Day 4: a walk to the Phalut which takes about four to five hrs with a spectacular view of Everest and Kanchenjunga.

Day 5: A steep descend from Phalut to Raman river and then to the Raman village.

Day 6: a 9-10 km walk till Shrikhola and then about 3kms to Rimbik.

Day 7: from Rimbik to Darjeeling the drive is about 5 hrs. You can also walk to Bijanbari and then drive from there.

Day 8: the Sandakphu trek ends with you reaching Siliguri on the last day.

What to expect on the trek

The sandakphu trek packages are a good option to have a memorable experience. The trek packages include pick up and drop along with providing stay and a meals chart which is provided in the itineraries. However, there are some aspects during this trek that you need to be aware of and prepare yourself for which include:

  • The accommodations on the trek are basic and you might not have all the facilities available. Hot running water supply or attached bathroom are not available everywhere.
  • Rooms are dormitory-style and you may have to share rooms on a quad share basis because twin share rooms are not available on the trail.
  • It is best if you have a mind-set of having some adventure and experiencing new things and enjoy the trek.
The Mysterious Trails Of The Himalaya

The Mysterious Trails Of The Himalaya

The Himalayas which translates to ‘land of snow’ is the perfect dream destination for adventurous souls. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the treks here are known as some of the best. There are several options and you might not know which will be the best. The Sandakphu trek package is one of the favorites of trekkers and beginners. It consists of some of the best options and spots and is a must-try.

Table of content:

1. What to expect from the trek?

2. How to reach the base?

3. Essential information

What to expect from the trek?

Sandakphu is a land of wonders for trekkers. The peak is at an altitude of 11,929ft which is about 3,636 meters in the Darjeeling district. It is the summit or the highest peak of the Singalila region. The route of this trek goes through the Singalila region and thus is also called the Singalila trek.

This trek owns its popularity to the fact that the trek lets you see some of the highest peaks of the world in one single stretch along with the spectacular view of the trek. The villages and the forests that the trek covers are its main attraction. The trek route covers the Singalila national park and which has a variety of birds and animals as well.

How to reach the base?

The trek route to Sandakphu starts from a place called Manebhanjan in the Darjeeling district. This is a small town located at an altitude of 7,054ft or 2,150 meters. This is technically the gateway to Sandakphu and Singhalia. If you are traveling from the railway station which is NJP it will take you 4 hours to reach Manebhanjan. The route to this place goes via Mirik.

Sandakphu trek package often consists of pickup facilities to get you to Manebhanjan if required. You can travel to the place a day before the trek and get some quality rest before starting the journey.

Essential information

There is some key information that you need to be acquainted with when on the trek. These will help you get an idea of the essentials during the trek and make it easier for you. These include:

  • It is mandatory to get yourself a guide when you are going for the Sandakphu trek. These are government-licensed guides and have IDs of their own. You can also opt for Sandakphu trek package with various Trek operators and organizations that have registered guides of their own. These people help the trekkers with the basic amenities and are acquainted with the route.
  • Indian mobile phone networks do not work in the trek. Vodafone and BSNL are the only networks available. You can get a proper network once you reach Srikhola. Most of the locals here use Nepal’s mobile network services.
  • There are two best times to go for the trek. One is during the month of April to May when the orchids and rhododendrons are in full bloom. Skies remain clear and the weather is warm. Another time is between October and November. This time you may get snowfall and it stays cold.
  • You need to carry woolens and proper clothing that includes jackets and coats as this place is cold all year around.
  • Food is basic but expensive. There is also a shortage of water.
Hire The Cars Of Your Choice At The Best Price

Hire The Cars Of Your Choice At The Best Price

Transportation is an integral component of tourism. It not just takes you from one destination to another but plays an important role in making your travel more comfortable and convenient. Bad transportation facilities can ruin your trip and lead to chaos and fatigue while traveling. When in Easter India and you are willing to visit places like Darjeeling, Dooars, Sikkim and the likes, the car that you choose is an important factor in your trip. All kinds of cars do not travel everywhere and you need to know which cars will give you the best performance. Car rental in Siliguri is aware of such factors and help you in your choices.

Table of content:

1. Importance of choosing the right car while traveling

2. Affordable choices of car rental

3. How to contact?

Importance of choosing the right car while traveling

Road trips are preferred by people everywhere. Roads that are amidst the lush green Himalayas and lead you to beautiful towns in the hills have some of the most scenic routes. However, as gorgeous it could be, the quality of roads and the steep is often a matter of concern.

This is why choosing the right car while traveling to such destinations is mandatory. There are roads where small cars are not feasible while some roads which are not wide enough for big cars. If you are traveling you need to make sure you are acquainted with these factors to have a safe and secure trip.

Affordable choices of car rentals

Along with choosing the right car for your travel, you should look for affordable options. Transport prices in tourists’destinations like this can be sky-rocketing. If you are traveling on a budget then it is vital to cut down on transport charges and get the best prices.

Car rentals in Siliguri are not only reliable but are aware of the requirements per destination. They provide you with the most pocket-friendly and affordable options for your car rentals and make traveling easier. They might even put in suggestions of sites on your route which you did not know about. The car rental in Siliguri believes in good customer care and provides you good quality service.

How to contact?

There are several places for car rental in Siliguri and the adjacent routes. You can go online and search for the best option. You can check for feedbacks and reviews from other customers and then make a decision. Having contacts in the region would also help in getting the best prices for negotiation.

Most of the car rentals have their website or contact details provided for you to contact them. You can plan and book before-hand to avoid confusion.

One of the Most Beautiful Treks in the Eastern Himalayas

One of the Most Beautiful Treks in the Eastern Himalayas

One of the most popular trekking destinations in West Bengal is Sandakphu.  With several picturesque villages lining the route, the golden snow sunrise is one of the main attractions of this trek. Book a Sandakphu trek package to witness the marvelous sunrise for yourself.

Table of contents:

  1. Day 1: Maneybhanjyang to Tonglu
  2. Day 2: Tonglu to Sandakphu
  3. Day 3: Sandakphu to Rimbick

Be An Explorer is one of the best tour operators in Siliguri. Being travelers and explorers ourselves, it brings us immense joy to be able to serve our fellow travel and adventure enthusiasts. Here is the detailed itinerary for our Sandakphu trek package.

Day 1: Maneybhanjyang to Tonglu

  • After breakfast drive to the starting point of the trek which is Maneybhanjyang.  It is a 26 km drive from Darjeeling and is situated on the border between India and Nepal. The local market at Maneybhanjyang is the last chance to buy anything that you might have forgotten.
  • The 5 hours trek from Maneybhanjyang to Tonglu of 11 km is steep terrain. Tonglu overlooks Darjeeling and Kurseong and offers majestic, panoramic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Tonglu itself is a peak of the Singalila Mountains, at an altitude of 10,074 feet high, commonly referred to as Tumling by the residents of the district.
  • Accommodation in tents.

 Day 2: Tonglu to Sandakphu

  • Sandakphu is the highest spot in the Darjeeling district located at an altitude of 3636m on the Singalila Mountains and one of the most popular hiking trails in the Himalayas.
  • On the way, you will pass through the temperate forest of rhododendron and magnolias to reach the summit of the Singalila range.  The quaint village of Sandakphu offers you the most fantastic view of the snow-covered range of Mt. Everest in Nepal, to Mt. Kanchandzonga in Sikkim and Mt. Chomolari in Bhutan.
  • Apart from Rhododendron and magnolias, there are countless varieties of primulas, orchids, and ferns that brighten up way in March and April.
  • Mount Everest is 144 Kames from here as the crow flies and Kanchendzonga is only a mere 44 km. The view of Sun Rise and Sun above the mountains is something you definitely don’t want to miss.
  • The name Sandakphu translates to the hill of the poison plant, and it is called that because the poison plant “Aconite” grows for a while below the peak.
  • Accommodation in tents.

Day 3: Sandakphu to Rimbick

  • You will move downhill towards Sirikhola past the villages and farmlands. Then you will have to walk all the way uphill through the dense forests to Rimbick.
  • You will then be driven back to Darjeeling from Rimbick which is the endpoint of your Sandakphu trek package.
  • Stay overnight in the hotel.
The Unmissable Opportunity That Starts From Siliguri

The Unmissable Opportunity That Starts From Siliguri

Siliguri is the heart of West Bengal; it truly serves as a junction to all of the tourist destinations in the North.  It connects people from all places and is a marvelous amalgamation of all of the different cultures passing through it on a daily basis. You pass by Siliguri to reach every destination you go to and in the process you leave a little bit of you behind for the city to absorb.  Car rental in Siliguri allow you the freedom of travelling to your holiday destination at the utmost leisure.

Table of contents:

  1. Darjeeling
  2. Kalimpong
  3. Sikkim
  4. Dooars and Terai

Here are a few beautiful tourist destinations that are only a few hours away from Siliguri.


Nestled in the lap of the lush green tea gardens with the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga serving as a backdrop; the “Queen of the Hills” certainly lives up to her name. Darjeeling is situated at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level, famous for having a cool climate all year round. This picturesque hill station is the perfect getaway for a romantic honeymoon or a corporate detox trip. Darjeeling is easily accessible from Siliguri with a lot of taxis or you can opt for a car rental in Siliguri.


Sitting pretty at an altitude of 4100 feet, Kalimpong relatively has a lower altitude in comparison to Darjeeling or Gangtok, thus, accounting the weather is milder and pleasant most of the year. It is perfect for the tourists in search of a pleasant weather combined with a beautiful view of Kanchenjunga and other snow peaks in the Himalayas, wide landscapes and lush greenery. Kalimpong is relatively famous for staying true to its roots and providing the most authentic hill station experience.


Sikkim lays a lot of magical destinations at the visitor’s disposal. The state is one of the cleanest states in India and hosting some of the friendliest locals. Sikkim is home to a lot of Monasteries and Temples. Known for Buddhist learning, the city of Gangtok is and is also connected to massive commercial, religious and cultural activities.

The immaculate blend of traditional and modern audiences and the versatile nature reserve and other tourist attractions appeals to audiences all over the world. The capital is well developed and the accessibility of this exotic place is super convenient thanks to the numerous modes of transport.

Dooars and Terai

From exciting trekking routes to exotic home stays and jungle trails. This region offers an unforgettable experience to all of its visitors. With the diversity of flora and fauna this place boats of, it is a paradise for nature lovers.  Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jaldapara National Park, Chilapata Forest, Jayanti Hills and the Royal city of Cooch Behar are all located in this region.

Be An Explorer can assist you with all your adventures with our facility of car rental in Siliguri.